Fall Color Update 10/23/2013

View From Lover's Leap

View From Lover’s Leap

Well, with a camera on the fritz and a lot of rainy, ugly weather, it has been a little longer then I would have liked to get another color report out to everyone. Well, here it is!

Colors here at the park are roughly at 75-85%. I am seeing more reds in the leaves than I have seen in many years and this, combined with the typical yellows and oranges, are making for a great show! Every tree species is showing color with some of the most brilliant being Maples, Oaks, Dogwoods, Beech and Birch.

The nicer days that we have had in the low 70’s combined with the extremely cool nights are what is helping the most to help the colors change. I am afraid, however that things won’t last too long. Night time temps dropping into the 30’s and even the 20’s on Friday night will cause things to diminish rather quickly. I would guess peak color to happen in the next two days. I will be sure to post a report as soon as it happens.

On another note, this weekend promises to be a fun weekend as it is Breaks Park’s Halloween Spectacular! Events will be going on Friday and Saturday ranging from Costume Contests and Night Hikes to Campsite Decorating Contests and Hayrides. Be sure to stop by and spend some time with us!

For more information about Fall color and the Halloween Spectacular, visit this LINK

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