RFP for A/E Services (Log Cabin Construction)

The Breaks Interstate Park Commission is now accepting statements of qualifications from A/E firms interested in assisting the park with a project to construct two new log cabins near Laurel Lake. The park will undergo a competitive negotiation process with interested firms who respond by 4pm on January 11, 2022. More information can be found at this link:

RFP for A&E Services (Laurel Lake Cabins 2022)

Emergency Numbers and Contact Information

Park office: 276-865-4413 extension 3201, or 3202

Emergency after hours telephone number can be found taped to the front door of the Rhododendron Lodge.

Park Address: 627 Commission Circle, Breaks, VA 24607

**For general questions or concerns about the park, please send an email to**

All contact numbers below can be reached at (276) 865-4413 then their personal extension. Thank you.

Austin Bradley, Park Superintendent: ext. 3216

Terry Owens, Director of Operations: ext. 3207


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