Guidelines and Regulations

  •   Outside food and beverage are not allowed, with the exception of birthday and wedding cakes. Servers are not provided for cake. If no catering services are provided there will be an extra charge for use of linens.
  •   Guests must pay the park entrance fee. This fee may be paid in advance for your guests.
  •   A final menu selection and number of attendees must be known seven days in advance, and catering must be paidin full seven days in advance of the event.
  •   Buffet food service remains in the room for two hours, per food safety requirements. Beverages are set out with the buffet and left in the room for the duration of the event. Additional beverages aren’t provided prior to or after the buffet unless requested. Additional charges apply.
  •   Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Conference Center, with some restrictions. A one-time event license from the Virginia ABC Board is required. The Abingdon, VA office may be contacted at 276-676-5502 or at Advance notice is required to serve alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the event space. You must furnish your won alcohol and bartender, if one is required. We can furnish a bar table and glasses. There is an extra charge for ice. A copy of the license must be given to the Park Business Office at least 14 days before your event.
  •   Advance notice is required for entertainment or music.
  •   The conference center and banquet rooms may be decorated, with some restrictions. Candles aren’t allowed. No decorations may be placed on the dividing walls in the conference center. Any decorations placed on perimeter walls must not mar the wall or painted surface. (We recommend removable command strips or removable adhesive wall putty)
  •   There will be a $75 damage deposit added to each reservation. This will be refunded after the room is cleaned and inspected by our staff and all fees are collected. If there is damage to our facility you will forfeit the damage deposit and will be responsible for all damages that exceed the amount of the deposit.
  •   To decorate the space before the event, it’s recommended the space be rented for the time slot immediately prior to the event. Decorations for the back deck cannot be put in place until the date of the event. Decorations must be removed immediately after the conclusion of the event. If decorations are not removed in a timely manner, a cleaning fee will be charged.
  •   The Restaurant Deck may be decorated one hour before events scheduled there.
  •   All room set-up and equipment needed for the event must be requested in advance. Room set-up cannot bechanged on the day of the event.
  •   The person booking the space and signing the booking contract is responsible to inform all guests attending a function being held in the conference center of the rules and regulations regarding the conference center.
  •   Conference center space or outdoor venues (excluding shelters, which can be reserved 11 months in advance) may be reserved up to one year from the date of the event. Rental fees are due in full 14 days after the facility is blocked. Reservations with an outstanding balance will be automatically cancelled after this time period. Cancellations made prior to 90 days of the rental date will be assessed a 30% cancellation charge with the remaining balance returned. Date transfers made within 90 days of the rental date receive no penalty. There are no refunds for cancellations or date changes made within 90 days of the rental date.

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