Why is the park known as “the Breaks”? The Pine Mountain range is a ridge a part of the Appalachian Mountains that runs through Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. Where the park is located is the “break” in the continuous ridge line.

What makes the Breaks an interstate park? The park is unique in the fact that is one of two interstate parks in the entire country. The difference between the Breaks Park and other parks that have land in multiple states is that in order for the park to be created, there was an interstate compact put in place by Congress. Other parks that have land in multiple states, for example, National Parks were not created by this same Congressional compact.

Is the Breaks a Kentucky or a Virginia State Park? The park itself is a part of both park systems as we are an interstate park which means we are owned by both Virginia and Kentucky. However, we are a separate entity and many rules and regulations that pertain to Kentucky or Virginia State Parks do not necessarily apply to the Breaks. For any questions about those rules or regulations, please call our front desk to clarify whether it applies to the park.

General Questions, Park Rules and Regulations

We want your visit with us to be as relaxing and trouble-free as possible. Before you arrive, please become familiar with these few simple facts about Virginia State Parks. Observe the rules and regulations while staying at your park.

Natural surroundings: Help preserve your park. Please do not cut or scar any plants or trees. Collecting any animal or plant is strictly prohibited except as allowed by the park during environmental education programming. Remember, take only pictures and leave only footprints. And refrain from feeding wild animals.

Is internet service available in the park?
Internet service and cellular data service is available in some areas of the park, but cannot be guaranteed.

What events are held in the amphitheater?
We have old-time gospel sings each Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Labor Day weekend. Other events are held throughout the summer, including movie showings each Friday night during summer. Check the schedule of events for details.

Where in the park can I plan a picnic?
Picnic areas are plentiful. Picnic shelters are located throughout the park. They can accommodate many people and can be reserved through our front desk at (276) 865-4413 ext. 3201. Additionally, open areas with picnic tables and grills are scattered about the park and can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do you have facilities to host my family reunion?
Yes, we have picnic shelters that are available by advance reservation
by clicking here. Additionally, the conference center or banquet room is available. Catering services are available for any event held in the park.

If I host an event at the park, are my guests required to pay the entrance fee?
Yes, the entrance fee represents a day-use pass for all the facilities in the park. However, it is possible to pay the entrance fee for your guests in advance. Contact park office for details.

I am interested in bringing my office staff on a retreat. What kind of facilities are available?
The Rhododendron Lodge Conference Center has 6,000 square feet of meeting space and can hold 525 persons seated theater-style, and 250 persons banquet style. The space can be divided into three separate rooms. Another smaller meeting room is located adjacent to the restaurant. Additionally, recreational group activities can be planned by contacting the park in advance.

Litter: Litter and garbage are unsightly and attract and injure animals. Please use trash receptacles or pack all trash out of the park.

Trails: Help prevent trail erosion. Walk along designated trails only. Mountain bikes are permitted only on roads and bike trails, not hiking trails. Our trails will take you to the most scenic areas of your park. Please don’t create your own trail.

Fireworks: Fireworks are prohibited.

Fishing: Where permitted, valid fishing licenses are required. Remember, special trout waters require licenses too. Please call the park in advance for help or details.

Speed Limits/Road Safety: Interior park roads are generally posted at 25 mph or lower. Helmets are required when operating motorcycles. State law prohibits children under age 16 from riding in truck beds.


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