A 5-mile gorge, plunging to 1650 feet, in this “Grand Canyon of the South.”

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Bountiful nature, as richly colored as our mosses underfoot, our mountains on the horizon, and our sky overhead.

Rivers to raft, heights to scale, camping, birding and porches to be sat on…while smiles form lazily upon contented faces.

Expect this and more at Breaks Interstate Park, up in the mountains of Virginia and Kentucky, where uncommon history, heritage and heart offer a welcome that never wears out.

NOTICE: (11/9/18) The park is currently undergoing some construction to our electrical infrastructure. Please be aware that road accessibility throughout the park may be limited Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Thank you.

NOTICE: (11/3/19) The park has been notified by the utility crew working on the electrical distribution system that we will have full day power outages on November 4, 5, 13, 18, and 19. Due to this, no facilities will be open on those days including the lodges or stand alone restrooms. All trails and overlooks will still be open and available to the public. Thank you!


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